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Sparkle Dental Boutique for shiny, happy teeth!

As I approach my mid-40s, with two teeth battering pregnancies behind me, I have often thought I should be given my dental wellbeing a bit more focus. I am also conscious that we should be doing more to ensure that our two children’s oral hygiene is looked after properly.

It was an opportune moment therefore when I got chatting on the Hanwell & Ealing Friends Facebook group to Sunita Verma, the Principal and Cosmetic at Sparkle Dental Boutique on Boston Road, Hanwell. Sunita was after some help planning their social media content so I went to meet her. After discussing ways, I could help them with their marketing, Sunita kindly booked me in for an appointment a hygiene appointment and then some teeth whitening in return for my marketing consultancy. I was excited to experience a private dental service, having only gone with NHS practices up until now.

So off I went, first for a general check up and hygiene appointment to find out the general state of my teeth. The reception area is very visually appealing – bright and welcoming. It’s the kind of atmosphere that makes you immediately feel at ease, unlike some NHS practices which can feel very busy and chaotic. There is a fridge full of bottled water to help yourself (yes, it’s a different world) and a good selection of magazine if you arrive early. All my appointments ran very much on time, so I didn’t get to read much!

The hygienist appointment with Colin was a bit of a revelation. He brought out some purple disclosing tablets. Anyone remember using those as a child? Well apparently the ones we used back then weren’t particularly good for us (oh a 1980s childhood, it’s a wonder we are all still here!) but these modern ones gave the same result – and showed me clearly that I’m cleaning some areas of my teeth better than others. The purple bottom teeth revealed that I’m focusing far more on my visible front teeth than I am on the ones underneath.

Colin used a fetching set of model teeth to demonstrate more effective brushing techniques to combat this patchy result. I have remembered this when supervising my children brushing their teeth and Colin kindly gave me some extra disclosing tablets for my children and I to use at home. It’s a really visual and effective way of demonstrating to your children how thoroughly their teeth need to be brushed. They love doing it and now take a tablet once a fortnight to keep an eye on their tooth brushing technique.

My next appointment was a pre-whitening consultation with Sunita, the Founder of Sparkle Dental Boutique. It took place in a room overlooking a pretty courtyard garden with a relaxing water feature to look at whilst my teeth were being thoroughly inspected. I remember thinking how beneficial this feature must be to help nervous dental patients relax whilst having their treatment. I felt a bit like I was at a spa!

My teeth have had a lot of stain abuse over the years. I am a red wine and black tea drinker and I love curry and other staining foods. I was excited to start the whitening treatment. Zoom teeth whitening is a professional teeth whitening system that whitens your teeth and removes ingrained stains and discoloration via an in surgery one hour procedure and take home teeth whitening gels which further enhance the results.

In my first consultation, Sunita reassured me that whitening is a very safe and effective treatment. She took moulds of my teeth in order to make customised teeth whitening trays.

A few weeks later, I returned for the in-surgery part of the treatment with Colin. I found the whole experience quite relaxing. Colin is clearly excellent at his job and the surroundings are so comfortable. I had an hour to sit back and relax (something of a luxury as a busy business-owning mum of two!) and listen to music whilst waiting for the first application of whitening gel to do its thing.

Afterwards Colin advised me that whilst whitening your teeth, you must avoid consuming coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco. I was given some instructions on how to apply the 3 weeks’ worth of gel treatment at home along with some other advice such as not brushing my teeth with toothpaste directly before applying the whitening gel at night. I was concerned it would be uncomfortable to sleep with the gum shields and gel (although I’ve been wearing a top tooth shield for a few years at night now due to chronic nocturnal teeth grinding). It was absolutely fine however, and I soon got used to it.

I am really pleased with the results – noticeably different but not Hollywood-style artificially white. My teeth look healthier and much whiter and I’ve been told it makes me look younger too – bonus! I am off on holiday to California very soon, so I’m happy not to be living up to the stereotype they have out there about Brits having bad teeth!

I was very impressed with the quality of service received at Sparkle Dental Boutique and I’m very happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a family dentist in Ealing. They offer a number of services for children too and specialise in treating nervous patients. For more information about the large range of services that Sparkle Dental Boutique offers visit their website:
https://www.sparkledentalboutique.co.uk/   They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.