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My children both have their birthdays in the same week of the summer holidays . Consequently they like to have their parties at the end of term, before all their friends go away on holiday. It’s a fun, but rather exhausting time, coupled with all the other stuff that the end of the academic year throws at primary school aged children and their parents.

We did a few years of hiring venues for the parties but it just gets so expensive with the birthdays being so close together (and it’s not like summer holidays aren’t expensive enough). The last few years we have therefore decided to find children’s entertainment that we can do from our West London home. This year I got talking to the lovely Jacqui of Jacqu’in the Box party entertainment and we agreed a contra-deal for her to run a slime party for my son in return for the equivalent value from me in promotion and a marketing power hour. Wi

I had several other offers, being a family blogger and having lots of contacts in the children’s activity industry but the slime party was by far and away the most popular idea with my son and I loved the idea of him getting to experiment with lots of different slimes with his friends in a way that would cause a total mess in my house. We were lucky with the weather of course and so it was all in the garden, but having said that, Jacqui is so tidy and efficient and the materials all washable so it’d be fine to have indoors on a table as well – most tables you wouldn’t even have to cover as she washes them for you afterwards!

We had the party the Saturday afternoon after the school fair, so we faced eight sugar high and overheated boys. Jacqui arrived bang on time, directly from her previous Frozen party (yes a woman of many talents this is!) and absolutely took this young boy hyper enthusiasm in her stride. She sat them down on the grass and quickly had their attention. Jacqui, it is fair to say has one of those qualities I lack – the ability to make a big group of young boys stop kicking round objects around and listen to her!

Jacqui came with an array of slime making materials (all washable) and kept everything remarkably tidy. We had it outside on the garden table. The boys delighted in making lots of different coloured concoctions, which Jacqui deftly collected at the end and put into little pots.
And, yes of course there was some snot and poo including in the slimy creations, this was a group of 8 year old boys after all!)

They also had fun doing some group work giant slime stretching. At the end the children were given party bags with a cone of sweets and the little pots of the slime they’d made.

It was one of the easiest parties I’ve ever had for my son. She handled everything so well that it was totally stress-free for my husband and I, meaning we were actually able to enjoy our son’s birthday party, instead of rushing all over the place. Highly recommended. All his friends loved it and several want slime parties of their own. My daughter who wasn’t there at the time is deeply jealous and now wants a slime party for her next party too! I can recommend Jacqui – 100% whole-heartedly.

Jacqui is based in Buckinghamshire where she runs fun baby and toddler classes (also in Hertfordshire) but for her children’s party business she can cover Ealing, Harrow, Ruislip and other areas of North West London. She has a really exciting selection of themes for her West London children’s parties and covers a wide age range. For more information about the children’s parties in West London on offer with Jacqu’in the Box, see her website: