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The teenage artist with heaps of talent


A few months ago, 19 year old Jade sent me some of her amazing prints to decorate my daughter’s revamped bedroom in return for promoting via he West London Kids stories. I was so impressed by the talent of this young that I asked to interview her for the blog. I have a daughter who loves art and I think Jade is an inspiration for child artists everywhere! 


1. What are your earliest memories of doing art and when did you decide you wanted to become artist?

I’ve always loved art and I can always remember loving to draw, I vividly remember my nanny drawing elephants with me as a young child.

I studied art at GCSE level and realised that this could be a career option after not really thinking I that it could be, I did some research and realised that there were so many jobs in the art industry and decided to just go for it. 

2. What are your favourite things to draw? What is

Animals 100 percent, they are so beautiful, I’ve always had an affinity with animals and would probably be doing something to do with animals if I wasn’t doing what I was doing, dogs in particular are amazing to paint and draw because I love creating there expressions they are all so different and have there own character, it is so special to create pet portraits for people to cherish and have forever.

3. What inspired you to start your art print business?

I  created a painting when I was around 16 and My mum told me that it was really good she shared it on her social media and there was a really good response, I decided to paint a few more and so I did some research and found a few different artists on social media and how they advertised them self’s and their portfolios I  just started a Facebook page for my work and went from there 

4. What are your favourite art galleries to visit?

There are many amazing galleries to visit in Norwich where I live I remember visiting the Sainsbury’s centre many times over the years, on school trips etc and really enjoying that but more recently I love castle fine art, which is in the city centre, they have massive windows full of new work.

5. Where do you prefer to work on new art pieces for your prints?

I live at home with my parents and I’m very lucky that I have a studio space in my loft where I work from, it is small but it has plenty of room for me to have a desk and storage for all of my supplies

6. What were the most difficult obstacles you faced starting up?

I would still say that I am in the very early stages however, the hardest thing was and still is getting your name out there and being recognised. You could be the most talented person in the world but if no one ever saw your work you wouldn’t be able to make it your job.
I have tried Facebook and Instagram ads and gifting to influencers however the best way is word of mouth and getting people to spread the word, I have a joke with my friends and family that we say we just say like and share, social media is the best tool and I am very grateful to live in an age where social media is such a big thing because that is where 95 % of my business comes from

7. What activities do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am so lucky to call this my job and that why I do try to work as much as I can, it doesn’t feel like work and feels like more of a hobby but I have two dogs so I love spending time with them 

8. How do you find your inspiration to work on new things?

Many things can spark my imagination it could be something I see on tv or whilst walking down the street when I am really stuck the best place to go Is Pinterest and creating huge mood boards of anything, I also like to create mind maps and ideas come from there.

I’m lucky that I have a balance of personal work that I create from my own ideas and commissions that people request so I tend to always have ideas forming in my head.

9. Who are your favourite artists?

 I have many artists that I admire and however some of my favourites are  Sophie tea who I found recently on Instagram she is amazing, she is so modern and constantly creating new and interesting things
Holly Exley creates such detailed work and is a massive inspiration, I found her YouTube channel about two years ago and she is just amazing 

10. As a young child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

I have had lots of wishes I have always loved animals so at points I thought of being a vet. However art has always been at the top of my list and I always have seemed to just gravitate towards the creative things in life
It also suited my personality and lifestyle the best, as I really enjoy working from home and at my own pace.

11. Do you have any advice for children/ teenagers who want to develop an art career?

Just keep practicing and go for it, I think nobody knows what they are doing to start with and it’s all trial and error with different mediums and subjects; even if you don’t like what you create, keep it!

Find out more about Jade and her artwork on her website: www.jademarshart.com or follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/jademarshart