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Are you looking for a party entertainer in West London with a difference? Would you like a unique children’s party that you and your child will always remember?

I first met Laurie several months ago. We got chatting and as someone who works a lot with children’s activity providers, I was straight away interested in her new business offering as it sounded so unique and something I knew my daughter would love.

Laurie offers parties which focus on creating beautiful craft pieces. I just knew this was something that my daughter and her friends would love. So I was delighed to agree a contra deal with her for some marketing coaching and mentoring in exchange for her providing the entertainment for a 10th birthday party for my gregarious daughter and nine of her equally bubbly and lively 10 year old friends. It was a good deal I thought, but I probably got the easiest part of it!

For the last few years, taking advantage of the summer birthdays (and so far we’ve lucked out weather wise), we’ve had garden parties which gets rid of the expense of venue hire. I was quite stressed by the idea of a party at home at first, but I’ve since learnt that you just need to hire the right entertainer and then all will go well!

So on the afternoon of 11th July, I picked up 10 girls, all bursting with excitement, got them home and time for a quick snack before Laurie arrived. It was amazing how quickly she calmed down the delirious excitement, her experience as a primary school Teaching Assistant is clear. The girls were soon sat around our garden table, listening as Laurie explained the string art activity that she was going to do.

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This was the biggest party Laurie had ever done but she handled it with ease. She had brought some finished pieces to show the children first including some beautiful cards she has made herself – one was given to the birthday girl and another was a prize giveaway for the first child to thread their needle!

It was a really lovely party, sat out in the garden on a lovely, sunny July afternoon, watching a group of engaging and creative ten year olds come up with the most beautiful of creations. They had such fun choosing their colours – and there was some beautiful shades of thread to choose from.

Their party challenge was to follow the pattern that Laurie had explained – simple enough but required some concentration to create a beautiful picture that they could keep. Laurie had brought proper picture mounts so the final products looked stunning. The girls were so excited to have these masterpieces to take home. It made the take home bags easy – we just added some sweets, some lip balms and stationary – party bag essentials for tweens these days so I’m told!

The party took about an hour and a half in all (it might be a bit shorter with fewer children or if Laurie brings an assistant). The was an ideal length for us thoughon my own. Laurie made it such a relaxed party. All I needed to do was get the pizza and other party food out on the dining table indoors, once the craft activity was completed. After the girls said goodbye to the Laurie (many of whom told her umpteen times they wanted her to do their next party!) we just had a relaxed party tea and then the cake and then it was time for the girls to go home. I really cannot believe how stress-free it all was.

Having a skilled party entertainer like Craft-It Parties really does mean you can sit back a bit, relax and actually enjoy your child’s birthday party a bit more. The children were totally immersed in creating their string art designs, based on geometric shapes using thread and card. They were also so proud of their achievements in creating a complex pattern, and loved all the vibrant colours they could choose from.

Laurie is quite flexible on location and happy to provide children’s entertainments at parties in West London and other parts of London. The price will be dependent on the craft activity desired and the number of children attending. I did have concerns that some of my daughter’s friends (well actually my daughter if I’m honest too!) might struggle to concentrate on doing quite an intricate arty activity at a party in a big group, but I needn’t have worried. The girls loved doing something completely different together and it was so sweet to see them helping each other out and admiring each other’s works of art at the end.

I highly recommend Craft-It Parties for West London Kids, from the age of about 6 to about 12 years old.  Laurie also does creative playdates too. So you could club together with a few friends, have the children entertained at home and go out for a nice grown up lunch, splitting the cost. It’s a win-win situation!

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